October 16, 6PM: The Question
October 23, 6PM: The Alternatives
October 30, 6PM: A Question of Time
November 6, 6PM: Wisdom for the Asking

If you are like most people you ask many questions before you start something or make a decision. However, many times we start with the wrong question. Over these four Sunday nights we will gather in homes to look at Ask It presented by Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of the campuses of North Point Ministries in the Atlanta, GA area. While in this informal setting, Andy Stanley will open our eyes to some incredible truths about fool proofing our lives as he identifies the one question that makes it easy to determine the answer to all other questions. You will learn how to make decisions with confidence simply by applying THE question that brings clarity to life’s most challenging decisions.

Locations & Host Families

Tim & Peggy Richardson
101 Bennett Lane
Campbellsville, KY 42718
*Childcare Available

Eric & Tracy Bruns
621 Willow Way
Campbellsville KY 42718

Scott & Tish Necessary
111 Birmingham Way
Campbellsville, KY 42718
*Childcare Available

Charity Powell
425 South Central Ave
Campbellsville KY 42718

Campbellsville Baptist Church - Mitch Gaddis
420 North Central Ave.
Campbellsville, KY 42718

Please choose a location and home that works best for you and let the host home know you will be coming.
This will be a wonderful time to connect with different people within our church.

For more information please contact Rev. Brad Lauer, Discipleship Pastor, at 270-465-8115 or bradl@cvillebaptist.com.