Outside These Walls

What does "Outside These Walls" mean?

What would happen in Campbellsville if the people of
Campbellsville Baptist Church reached out to the people
in Campbellsville this summer by doing ministry? 
Will you partner with your Sunday School Class,
your prayer group, a couple of families, or even
some people who are not a part of our church
and do 2 ministry projects this summer to go
Outside These Walls and love on Campbellsville?
All you will have to do is find a couple of hours
a couple of times this summer.

Here is a small sample of things you could do: 


  1. Prayer walking different areas of the community – a neighborhood, a subdivision, a school, a ministry in the community, certain businesses, etc.
  2. Adopt a Sunday School Class to pray for, send encouraging notes, etc.
  3. Volunteer to help with and pray for Vacation Bible School.
  4. Volunteer to help with and pray for the youth mission trip.
  5. Join a current ministry.
Nursing Homes
  1. Host a bingo game at a nursing home/assistant care facility.
  2. Nursing home visitation – read, draw pictures, etc.
  3. Game day with those in nursing home.
  4. Get a group together to sing at area nursing homes.
  1. Adopt a Baseball/Softball team at Miller Park or Trace Creek.
  2. Adopt a Softball team at VMP.
  3. Pass out free popsicles at a ball tournament.
  4. Adopt a volleyball team for the summer at VMP.
  5. Connect with a high school football team for summer practice.
  6. Connect with a high school marching band for ministry.
Community Ideas
  1. Volunteer to read at the local library.
  2. Plant flowers at a park or in someone’s yard that isn’t able.
  3. Pull weeds in someone’s yard as a surprise.
  4. Oil Changes/auto repair for single moms or the elderly.
  5. Pick up trash at the park.
  6. Camp Ground Ministry.
  7. Volunteer at the animal shelter.
  8. Read to a CCDC Class.
  9. Take meals to Green River Ministries Homeless Shelter.
  10. Volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  11. Volunteer at the Food Pantry.

Help Senior Adults

  1. Bake cookies for seniors and eat with them on their porch.
  2. Adopt a senior adult, wido, etc. to take care of yard for the summer.
  3. Provide handy-man type services for the elderly in our church and community.
  4. Provide transportation for senior adults who do not have cars or cannot drive.
  5. Adopt a senior adult.

 Hospital Ideas

  1. Create a giggle book with jokes and place it in the hospital waiting area or in the school entrance.
  2. Create Hospital Survival Bags and distribute at the nurse's station (i.e. wet ones, hair clips, hair bands, quarters, crackers, gume, pen, paper, etc.)
  3. Create a coloring book, make copies and place in hospital waiting rooms with a box of crayons.

Neighborhood Ideas

  1. Throw neighborhood parties to reach out to your community.
  2. Create a scavenger hunt for kids in your neighborhood and have them come back for icecream.
  3. Card Ministry
  4. Adopt a youth or child.

Acts of Kindness

  1. Paint someone's porch.
  2. Wash someone's windows.
  3. Wash someone's car.
  4. Set a challenge to do at least 10 Random Acts of Kindness in an hour.
  5. Purchase gift cards from local restaurants and give them away.
  6. Pay for meals of other people in line.
  7. Take lunch to a different office or group of people.
  8. Cook a meal and take to someone in need.
  9. Adopt some college kids and have a game night.
  10. Adopt a Centri-Kid staffer for the summer or the entire team and provide a hang-out spot or occasional meal.