Leading Your Child To Christ

Leading Your Child to Christ   

CONGRATULATIONS on taking this opportunity to speak with your child about how to become a Christian.

If you have further questions about leading your child to Christ or simply want re-assurance please contact the church office at 270-465-8115.  We would love to speak with you and answer any questions or discuss any concerns you have!

Begin by praying that God will give you the words to say and that He will begin preparing your child for the conversation you will be having.

When using this guide ask your child the questions in bold

          Who is Jesus? Give your child time to answer. Don’t put words in their mouth or try to help. Children often take time to answer a question, especially if they have never been asked it before. (As a parent you are looking for things such as: My Savior, He loves Me, He died for Me.) Look for words that show that personal connection with Jesus Me, My, Mine, ect.

What is sin?
Sin is anything we do that goes against God. Children have an easier time pointing out sin like lying or hitting than they do telling the definition of sin. Remember to give them time to talk.

Do Mommy and Daddy sin? Does my teacher sin? 
(I like asking this question because if children say that “No, Mommy and Daddy don’t sin don't sin.” It let’s the adult know that the child is beginning to understand what Sin is but doesn’t understand that Romans 3:23 says for ALL have sinned. If your child says no this would be a great time to share Romans 3:23 with them!

Why is Sin a big deal? Give your child time to respond. This is a big question and they probably haven’t thought a lot about it. If they are having trouble answering the question,  this is a good indicator that they are curious about becoming a Christian but aren’t ready just yet. This also gives you the opportunity to share Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” A good way to explain that to your child is by telling them, because we Sin we can’t be with God in heaven because he is perfect! So Jesus died on the cross as payment for our sin. We use money on earth to pay for things at Wal-Mart right? But God doesn’t want our money, he wants our love. So, Jesus was our payment for our sin.

What makes someone become a Christian? Remember to give your child time to respond before you speak.

At Vacation Bible School and other events here at CBC we use the ABC’s.

 A-Admit to God that you are a sinner.

What do you think that means? Read Romans 3:23.  
What does the Bible say we should do about your sin? Read Acts 3:19 then 1 John 1:9.  
How can we be forgiven for our sins? 1 John 1:19 tells us to ask God to forgive us, and HE DOES!!

B-Believe that Jesus is God’s Son and accept God’s gift of forgiveness for sin.

What do you think that means? Read Acts 16:31, Acts 4:12 and John 14:6. Only by believing that God sent his Son Jesus to earth as payment of our sins, can we be with Jesus in heaven after we die on earth.

C-Confess your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

What do you think this means? Read Romans 10:9-10. The bible tells us that it is not enough just to Admit that we Sin and Believe in Jesus but we are to tell others what we believe. What are some ways you can tell others about what you believe? One way to show others is by following in believers baptism.

If you feel your child is ready, you can lead your child into a prayer like this to God.

Dear God,
I know that I sin. Please forgive me of my sins.
I believe that Jesus is your Son and I would like your gift
of forgiveness for my sins. Please be a part of my life forever!

If you have been able to share Christ with your child, we would love to know! 

Please email us or  call the church office, 270-465-8115, and we will celebrate together!