Join our family


Why do I need to join this, or any, church?

You were created to be in fellowship with God. He also made you to be in fellowship with others. We all desire a place to belong, a people to identify with. Christians especially should desire to identify with and unite with other like-minded believers. Further, Jesus is the head of the church (Ephesians 1:22-23) and joining a congregation helps us in identifying with His body.

How can I join this church?

At the end of each service, we will have a time of invitation; a time for those who may wish to join our fellowship to make that desire known. While a song is being sung by the congregation, you will be invited to come to the front of the church and share your decision with one of the pastors who will be standing there ready to greet you.

1. New believers may present themselves for membership as they make their profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. They will then be baptized as testimony of their conversion experience.

2. Believers coming from other Baptist churches may join by letter. We’ll contact your former church and ask them to transfer your letter to us.

3. New members may also come by statement of their faith. This means that they are coming from another Baptist church but that a letter of transfer is not available, or that they are coming from a non-Baptist background, but is of like faith in basic beliefs and the practice of baptism by immersion.

4. College students are welcome to identify with us by coming as an associate member. This means that their membership will remain at their church back home, but that they are identifying with Campbellsville Baptist Church as their home church while in college.  Associate members are not eligible to vote on matters of church business.

For more information about church membership you can email or call the church office to set up a time to meet with one of our pastors 270.465.8115.