Children - Parent Page


Hello Parents!

The goal of Splash Ministry is to share the love of Jesus and build up Spiritual Champions by partnering with you (parents) as you raise your kids in their God-given purpose. As the primary teacher and nurturer of your children's faith and values, you have the power to be their greatest influence. Splash wants to stand by your side as a community of teachers and peers that's ready to help foster your child's spiritual development.

We're here to give spiritual strength to your children by offering hands-on volunteering opportunities for you to work within the kids department and by providing your children with the most exciting and effective children's programming each week. Raising kids in their faith dosen't have to be rocket science. There are many ways to model and share our faith with our kids every day, and we reconize that sometimes parents would like a little help understanding how to do it. At Splash we believe that by working together as a community of believers, your children flourish!

In our efforts to support you as the primary spiritual leader for your children we frequently offer tools to support you in that role. Keep an eye out for those materials located at either the 3rd or 1st floor Splash Welcome Centers!

Contact Tina Propes, Interim Children's Pastor if you have any questions, 270-465-8115.