Discipleship is the process of becoming like Jesus. The only way we know how to become more like Jesus is to spend time with Him and other believers who are on the same path. CBC offers many different opportunities for spiritual development for all ages. Adults can find a variety of groups that meet at different times during the week who are seeking to explore God's truth for their lives and live it out.

If you would like more information about being a part of a small group, learning of the different options for you, or just want to talk about your own spiritual development, please contact Brad Lauer, Discipleship Pastor.

9:00 AM     Worship
10:00 AM    Sunday School (Small Group Bible Study) for All Ages
11:00 AM     Worship
5:00 PM    Adult Discipleship Class

6:00 PM    Preschool, Children, and Youth Programs
6:00 PM    Adult Discipleship Groups
6:15 PM    Prayer Meeting